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Welcome to the home of Nocturama

We are the only organized late night raiding guild on Turalyon.
If you are insomniac or simply you have better things to do earlier and you are able to raid starting from 11.30 pm (server time) then this is the guild for you.
If you enjoy relaxed style and mature attitude, then apply, you will never be disapponted.
Our actual main Raid schedule is the following:
  • Monday 23:30 - 02:00
  • Tuesday 23.30 - 02:00
  • Thursday 23:30 - 02:00

Check out our wiki for more info about us, how to join the guild, the web site and more!

Guild News

Everything that has a Beginning has an End

by Illydan88, 28 days ago

Everything that has a Beginning has an End, Neo

Matrix Revolution

Our wonderful journey in the world of warcraft has come to an end as we know it: Nocturama merged with another guild (Primal Rage) which we have been collaborating over last months for raids and stuff.
So this is the end but a new beginning as well, what awaits us is unseen but I know for sure "what a long strange trip it has been" so I want to thanks ALL the people that have collaborated with us over the last years from within and outside the guild making Nocturama a true home for most. I know I will forget someone but these are my personal thanks too so let's hope my memory serves well: thanks Magicmerlin for giving us elitist(jerks) advice and fun, Maxsive the only wise still fool person ever played in here, Aesroth the Patient (and that says it all), Superior I thank you too for our silly moments in arena and your unique humor and true love to the guild, special thanks to Randi, Zayla, List, Ancgalon, Coren, Apecrane, thanks to Serica and Neth (Alan!) meeting you guys has changed a lot in our guild and most of our success since then.

And ofc special thanks to our italian lobby which Nocturama has always been well known and proud of: Lyen, Exilibrius, Gin, Yhoundeh(Yulbrinner/Erbagatta), Enlrot, Tatalion, Creaturion.

I apologize for the ones I forgot <3<3

So this is the end (of this post as well). Best of luck to everybody!!!

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