Guild Rules






is first a bunch of people playing together to have fun in Azeroth (and beyond), we are officially pve oriented but many members actually play pvp as well together with other guildies. Some of us have been around since Vanilla and TBC and the core group have played together for 5 years (oh boy I can't stand them no more :p).

Our main goal has always been to enstablish a friendly reletionship among different kind of people from all over Europe from the far Iceland to the sunny Italy and Greece who don't take themselves too serious and like to have a laugh.
What matters for us is not just kill pixels and loot pixels but enjoying it with long term friends, in other words that it's the group that makes the game enjoyable.

We are very proud of having one of the best bunch of people around on the server, appreciated even outside the guild for the warm and mature atmosphere :)


As we believe mature people shouldn't have pages and pages of rules and just use common sense we demand our members to have a respectful behavior inside and outside the guild avoiding dramas, ninjas, trolling and such things that will ruin the good reputation of the Guild besides others playtime.

Anyway to avoid misunderstandings and for the new comers we wrote a summary of what we consider our policy. Again the last word always belong to the Guild Master and the Officers who will try to take always the fairest decision for the benefit of the guild.


Guild Ranks
Ranks in Nocturama are mainly based on the relation the member wants to have with respect to the guild. Based on their rank members will have benefits, duties and requirements. There will also be an hint on what causes demotion from the rank. Every rank will have to respect the requirements and will have the benefits of the previous ranks. This does not apply to Guild Master, Officers, Officers Alt and Veteran ranks.

Guild Master
This is the leader of the guild. He's the one who keep Nocturama in check by giving /pat and cookies

Benefits: any privilege


solving controversies between members
validating new members applications
promoting/demoting members

Officers are members with a strong dedication to the guild. They administer any aspect of the guild.

Benefits: any privilege except disbanding the guild and changing rank rights


applying guild rules
solving controversies between members
promoting/demoting members
Requirements: vote from the actual officers and the Guild Master.
Demotion: vote from all other officers and the Guild Master.

Officer Alt
Officers Alt are just the alternate characters of the guild officers. they share same rights and duties.


Founders is a special rank reserved for the very founders of the guild who are not in the leading ranks.
If they are actively playing the share the same rights of raiders.


Raiders are guild members that are mainly dedicated to helping the guild progress in raids.


priority in creating raiding teams
50% contribution on enchanting and gemming and Food and Flasks provided by the Gbank
guild repairs on a daily basis
if they have an official OS ( need to be notified to officers ), they have priority on BoE rolls towards lower ranked players

Dutiesparticipate in raids and notify their presence at raid events in time va the web site Rapid Raid tool


An average monthly attendance to main guild raiding events
being online before the event start unless informing about being late
Having dps/health potions and food buff for 3hour raid events when Gbank doesnt supply
having studied tactics before raid starts and eventually participation to the tactics area of guild forum
visiting the forum daily for updates
notifying long time absence ( like 1 week or more ). Notified absences will not count for attendance count.

Demotioncontinuous disrespect of the above requirements



These are members trying to reach the raider rank.

Benefits: raid invites


Evaluation from raid leaders and Officers

There are no other requirements for being trial but, to go on to Raider rank, its requirements will have to be fullfilled. Raiding Trials are expected bring food and flasks in raids

Demotion: 2/3 weeks ( depending mainly on guild activity ) of being trial without being promoted to Raider



Socials are members that like to stay in the guild to chat, have fun and play with friends; this rank also includes alts.

Benefits: part of the best guild on the world :p

Requirements: good behavior

Demotion: failing to have the only requirement means being kicked.


Note: as said above we won't tolerate bad behavior (read "begging", flaming, drama, trolling) inside and outside the guild and anyone involved would probably be demoted/kicked after an invistigation by the Officers.





Raiding Rules

These are the rules we need to respect during raid events, take a moment to read them careful.

Participation in Raid events:

1) Enchanting/Gemming your gear is a matter of respect to other raiding players. Every participant should be enchanted/gemmed correctly before entering the raid. Failing to do so will result in being removed from the raid group in the future.


2) People invited to the raid event and planning to participate must report any problem (delay/ negative attendance) through the proper thread on the forum or add a note when signing. 4 Hours before the event the raid leader will check and confirm players accepting so as to build a working raid group. People marked as standby ( and all people not explicitly confirmed ) will work as replacements. Priority to choose replacements will be given to raiders.

 To make life easier for rl/officers and to speed up the grouping part we roccommend again that people who cannot participate to an event must try their best to notify their absence ( through email, ingame mail, game chat, private message on website and remember the web site has an awesome mobile version).


3) Every raiding player must have the following addons: DBM or any boss mod, Omen or any other threat meter. All decursing/dispelling classes must have dispelling add on like Decursive and use it when possible.
We also suggest to have a clear ui to better aware of what happens in raid :) ask around for suggestions!


During raid time:

1) No interruption during explanations: if you have questions ask them at the end, this makes things easier for who's explaining. Only RL/Assistants can talk during explanation ( and only to add useful informations). By the way, if you are in need of an explanation, it's because you haven't studied bosses, so who's explaining is helping you. The least you can do is pay him/her due respect.


2) No offense ( words or gestures ) to raid members (and guild in general) will be tolerated. Even more if the person offended is an outsider ( and yes also if the person you intend to offend is a pain in the ass ). If you think someone is not behaving correctly notify it to the RL/Assistants/officer and they'll decide what to do.


3) Tanks will be given the right to readycheck and mark so, unless explicitly asked by RL/Assistants, they can query the group to go on faster for trash ( do not abuse this ). For Bosses, after buff checking, Tanks can start a readycheck and then a pull countdown.


4) Before every boss there will be a buff check to see if everything is fine. If you are a "buffer", try to remember doing your boss buffs and do them as fast as possible ( if you don't we all loose time).
If you think you're missing a buff ( mainly for bosses ) just ask for it after the "buff readycheck" and don't click "Ready" to ready checks. "Yes" on ready checks means I'm ready and buffed.


5) Someone will be appointed with the duty of bringing Feasts/Flasks/Rune Scroll of Fortitude/Drums of Forgotten Kings/ etc. This duty will be assigned to an officer who will take these items from Gbank and bring them in raid. The use of these consumables will be requested by the "Buff Checker". The appointed officer will also have to notify the RL if consumables stacks in Gbank are ending so as to give him/her the possibility to acquire new ones before the next scheduled event. check bank info.


6)Heroism use will be declared before a boss fight so as to permit Heroism/Time warp/Ancient Hysteria casters to do it without waiting for RL authorization. So before a boss fight, if we don't explicitly tell when to use Heroism, just ask RL/Assistants to do it. If RL/Assistant see that Heroism has not been cast when planned or they think the situation is fit for a plan change, they can /rw to explicitly ask for it to be cast.


7) Looting (aka "loot rules"): The system used to assign loot is "MainSpecc Roll/OffSpec Roll". If a piece of gear is won by someone who does not really use/need it or it would be a better upgrade to another raider RL/Assistants will require this someone to yeld it. Unassigned loot will be disenchanted and put in Gbank. If there are outsiders crystals will be rolled at the end of the raid and if won by guildmates will go to Gbank instead ( these will be sold to buy mats for raid buffs ).
BoE/Recipes, usually and while in a full guild group, will be put in Gbank and then assigned to specific reliable crafters/users or sold, else they will be rolled in the raid.






Guild Bank

The Guild Bank purpose is to be back up for Raiders with gold refunds, food (feasts), flaks and potions, enchants and gems and gather useful raid drops. Obviously they are all bought with Guild money but any donation of these kind of consumables in the Gbank will be very much appreciated ( we all use these even if you don't even notice it sometimes ). So if you produce these kind of consumable, put some in Gbank from time to time, this will help us raid better. note: if you have an helpuful proff specc like alchemy trasmute master, step up to help items creation.



No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em