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currently we are no more using this system


The Rapid Raid (RR) is the cool GuildLaunch tool we use to set up our raids and sign up. It has many customizations but we will use just the basics for now.

Here follows a quick guide that covers simple moves as how check a raid, read info, sign and leave a note.


1) Where???

You can access RR from the navigation bar... (no really? ye I bet someone would ask where it is anyway...)
so the first thing you see are the upcoming raids; for past raids go on "List".


2) How?

from the tab menu Dashboard you have a general view of your activity, signups and can quickly apply to new raids and access them.

Now click on an upcoming raid, you are now looking at "Raid details" (quite empty page for us as we're not using advanced settings). Click on the "Signups" page to have an overview and sign yourself, on the same page you can read the signup deadline if any (you can still sign after it).


3) Signing

When you sign you can choose the character, set available/tentative/unavailable AND set a note, useful to clarify your signup ("I might be late of 10mins"), that will be under your sign up so the raid leader will be aware of it.

You can pretty much sign from anywhere, you can see the sign button on the dashboard, raid detail, and any tab of sign page so you can't miss it >.<


There will be always the full list of raids for the current month and from the 20th of each month the next one will be posted so you can plan sign ups for many events.

This is our thread for discussions about the RR.

This is the GL support forum for RR.

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