about us


Nocturama is mainly a late night players guild based on Turalyon (EU) on the scene since April 18th 2010.

Founded by a bunch of friends who have been raiding together for some years, our Guild started in WotLK being a really casual guild. We were lucky enough to get a raid group running once every couple of weeks.

But we kept trying, found new members, new friends and grew stronger as a group and more skilled as players and eventually we cleared all the Icecrown Citadel of the Lich King's horrors with some hard modes.

In cataclysm we saw some of the results of the work done even though we didn't really make it to the end leaving Madness of Deathwing hc undefeated.

Pandaria brought some changes on our roster and as for any new expansion it took a while for us to set the right pace but in the end we stopped Garrosh and his foolishness clearing all of Siege of Orgrimmar on Heroic Mode, now Mythic.

Warlords of Draenor brings new challenges and we are prepared as never before to face them.

We're not an hard core progression guild though we work to progress in endgame raids. So we try to keep a light raid schedule of 3 nights a week.

Most importantly Nocturama is a bunch of people having fun together and helping each other while playing WoW and outside.

So, if you play late at night and you like to play endgame content in a friendly environment, Nocturama is for you.

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